Audio import, Narration and animation syncing


I'm new to using Articulate. I previously used a different program to create courses. I'm looking for an easier way to import audio and animations that were already synced in PowerPoint. Also is there an option to save changes per slide vs having to save and close before moving to the next slide to sync the audio and animations. Sorry if this info is already posted. I haven't had time to read and watch all the tutorials. I'm rushing to get all my training formatted to html5 output. I'm impressed with Articulate.

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Steve Gannon

Hi Sheila,

See this article for a trick for extracting the audio embedded in your PowerPoint file:

You can then batch import all the audio at once using the Import Audio feature. The animation timing should remain intact.

Regarding your second question, yes, use the Next Slide button in the top toolbar of the Narration window to advance to the next slide without having to select Save and Close first. All of your syncing adjustments for all of the slides you visit using this method will be saved at once when you select Save and Close.