Audio in republished presentations is poor

Hi Group!

I have many Articulate presentations that I've republished many times over the last several years that are delivered through a LMS.  The presentations are fully narrated and the audio for these presentations has deteriorated in that some of the slides are barely audible at this point.  In fact, they're so bad that I'll probably need to re-record them to improve the quality. 

Does anyone know why the audio gets worse with republishing?  And is there any way to restore the audio quality without having to re-record? 

Thanks for any advice you have to offer!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Steven,

If you are experiencing unexpected issues with audio you have recorded via Articulate -> Record Narration or Articulate -> Import Audio some common solutions can be found here: 

Presenter '09: 

If you've been using the same audio files for a number of years, it's possible some of the formatting is dated. Let me know if this helps and we can go from there. Thanks!