Audio is embedded in a page, then it's stuck there and can't get r

I have Studio 13.  I'm in the process of inserting thousands of audio files from my old trainersoft programs and sometimes I notice that an audio clip will get stuck... so even when deleted from the page, it still plays in "preview".

Say for example I have this:

Soundfile A.mp3 "Four score and eleven hundred years ago..." and that is inserted into Presenter and set to automatically play.   I realize.. oh, I need to fix that so I record a new file:

Soundfile A.mp3 "Four score and seven years ago..."   The new file when I click on the speaker icon plays fine, but when I "preview" the slide using the "preview" function it plays the old soundfile even though I've deleted it.

I guess it's caching it? How do I fix that in presenter 13?



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Jim Powell

okay, I'll try.  what I am doing now is deleting the speaker icon with the associated file and that doesn't seem to purge it from the page. There seems to be only one way to get audio IN to powerpoint and that's to click on


Speaker icon (audio file)

Once the document is saved it's permanently wedded to the page, even if I delete everything visible on the page including the speaker icon.  I'll let you know what happens.

Jim Powell

Okay, that's a much slower way to work (as it takes the audio editor time to load, then I have to navigate to the correct slide).

But it DOES work and does not leave me with that bug of vestigial audio.  Plus it has the advantage of not showing that speaker icon.

On the downside there's no easy way for me to look at a slide now and know that it has a sound-file attached.

Thanks for your help!


Jim Powell

I was doing it using powerpoint's insert feature.  I've since sitched to the tab array that shows a thumbnail of the slide and then I browse for the audio file next to it.

I don't see why it shouldn't work properly using powerpoints insert feature, after all there's an ico for insert audio, but I can't put up with that strange behavior.  Thanks.