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Dec 22, 2013


I am working on a course right now and haven't had any issues with '13 until now.  Suddenly, when I tried publishing later in the day Friday, my audio wouldn't publish.  It was odd because the audio files were all still in the course, but just weren't publishing.  I wound up saving Friday and closing out because I was getting too frustrated to continue on.  I just went to open the course now and the audio is gone from the Presenter file.  Everything is saved locally on my desktop.  Files were recorded in Audacity and saved locally and then individually added into Presenter.  Is there anything that can be done without having to go back and manually add the audio files again?  I'm so worried that I will find that the narration syncing will be lost as well.  Naturally, this is a project I've been working on for a while and we were just getting ready to do a pilot test of it for the first of the year.

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Laura M

Hi Jim,

Yes, I had the SME send me the files in the Audacity format, I edited, saved to WAV files and added to each slide through the Import Audio feature.  Thankfully, I had an older version that I *think* had most of my up-to-date narration, so I started working from there trying to remember all of the updates we made last week, but I'm still having issues.  I submitted a ticket for more help.  

Laura M

Hi Leslie,

Thanks fort he response.  I haven't heard anything since Sunday evening, so I figured I would post here again in case anyone has experience with the issues I'm having.  

Since originally submitting my ticket, I came across a post that referred to Presenter adding "old" to file names after crashing, etc.  I hadn't realized that I did have some of these files in my folder that must be related to this.  I'm afraid to do anything with them now, since I've done more work on an older version, but I'm still having issues with one of the files not being included in the Published Output folder, the ioslaunch file.  I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this OR if my best bet is to risk losing everything I've updated since Friday and try to work off of the "old" file that was created Friday afternoon.  I'm not sure how to go about renaming to "link" back up to the PPT file.  The version I've been working off of since has a new name entirely, so I suppose that would be safe regardless.  At this point, I'm just concerned about screwing things up even further.  

We were on track to have this ready to pilot for January 2 and now I feel like we are quickly falling behind and I have no idea what to do.  Of course the timing is terrible with the holidays, since many people won't be around.  Is there any way to check on the status of a ticket that was submitted?  The suspense is just killing me, having no way of moving forward right now without any sort of suggestion/solution.  

Thank you!


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