audio missing from studio course

I built a course in Studio 360 with audio on slides. I tested audio was working prior to saving/closing program. When I went in later, the audio is missing from the slides. Why did this happen and can I get it back?


When I go into editor or record - I can see where the length of the audio is there but no sound will play and I can't see the sound waves in the narration bar.



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Vincent Scoma

Hey Rebecca,

I am sorry to hear about the audio issues you are experiencing! It is odd that the audio files are missing now from your slides. To make sure I am on the same page, it sounds like you are building a PowerPoint presentation using Presenter 360? 

If so, is the course you are creating being stored on your local drive? I think you might find this guide helpful in locating those missing files: Presenter 360: Audio Is Missing or Lost

Please let me know how this works out and if I am off base!