Audio not lining up in editor and after exporting

May 16, 2013


I'm working on a very important course as a volunteer and the computer they have given me is extremely old and slow. The course is very large (about 65 slides excluding a few short quizzes also in it) and so is the amount of audio in the course. I noticed that in the audio editor the audio doesn't line up perfectly on the audio wave in the editor. It's always out sometimes as much as a cm when you select and play the audio on the time line. The more I edit the audio the more it seems to get out of line. I also noticed that when the course was exported the audio seems to have an echo to it even though the original audio files were excellent quality and very clear.


Do you think the slow computer would cause this, is there anything else you might think would cause the audio not to line up perfectly or is this normal?

Does the program only handle so many slides of audio before complications happen?

Do you think the audio editor not lining up would cause the poor audio quality with the finished product?

Any suggestions to help with the problem?

Thanks for any information and/or assistance.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Karen!

Is there any chance you'd be abe to share the project files with us so we can see exactly what's going on? First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here. Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katie! You are more than welcome to reach out to Karen here, but I will mention that you may need to send her a private message as I'm not sure that she is subscribed to this thread and it was some time ago.

If you would like to provide some additional information about what is happening in your project,  perhaps we would be able to assist you.

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