Audio Not Working in Articulate

I believe the audio in Presenter is not working. It doesn't seem to be the computer. When on a slide, and click Start Recording, it "blinks" extremely quickly to "Animations Remaining" and then in half a second goes back to Start Recording. It doesn't allow recording- just goes back and forth between the two.

I have made sure the file name doesn't have any special characters. I have changed Annotate back to Don't Annotate and back again, that doesn't help.

Please help- I'd appreciate it.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Julie: That's odd. I'd suggest shutting everything down (Presenter and your computer) and then importing the slide you are working on into a new Presenter project. Could be the Presenter file you are currently working with is corrupt. It happens.

I assume you are working and saving the files on your C: drive. That's usually one of the first questions the tech help people will ask. --Daniel

Julie Taylor


Thanks for the fast response. I have shut everything down and restarted. I have tried new ppt presentations and it does the same thing from different presentations, and for each slide in the presentation.

I have been working on the desktop.

Do you think that uninstalling and reinstalling might do it?

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Julie: Justin makes a good point. Will your microphone record in another program (e.g., PPT or Audacity)? That would be the next thing I would check. If the mic was good and the audio file sounded good, I would then reinstall Presenter.

Oh, the joys of working in the tech world. Let me know how things are going.