Audio Record/Import fails in Presenter 5

Presenter was working fine:  WinXP, Presenter 5.4, PowerPoint 2007

Had harddrive crash, reinstalled WinXP, Office, Presenter 5.4

Record narration shows record time building, but when done recording, time set to 0 and no narration.

Import narration selects wav or mp3 file.  During processing step, stops w/ bar about 50% complete.

If presentation published, sound is there, but can't synchronize presentation.

Verified PPT recording per:

Thanks for your help

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Peter Anderson
Hi Todd and welcome to Heroes!
So that we can better help you, please follow the steps below to generate for us a trace log of what's happening:

1) Download, extract, and double-click the below trace tool (keep the window open):
2) Launch PowerPoint. PowerPoint should be launched only after the trace window is open.
3) Follow the steps you normally take to reproduce your issue.
4) When you are finished reproducing your issue, in the Trace window copy the text and paste it into Notepad.
5) Attach the log file to your reply to us for review.