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Christie Pollick

Hi, Yusuf - 

Can you please clarify when you mentioned 'one resource' that you are hoping to add individual audio to each slide instead of one long playlist? In addition to checking out the Presenter '13 Tutorials page (specifically the Adding and Editing Audio and Syncing Animations and Applying Slide Transition sections), you may want to take a look at the following tutorials to accomplish what you are hoping to achieve:

Yusuf Rangwala

Hi Christie,

I might have confused you with my above message sorry for that. Here is what I mean. Say I have two different powerpoint files with 50 slides each, and all 50 slides in each of the files have been synced. Now I want to merge both the files and make one file with all the 100 slides combine. I've tried this before but had lost the audio from the slides. So I was hoping if there is a way to do so?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Yusuf -- 

I understand what you mean now, and while your animations will hold if you copy/paste the additional 50 slides from one PPT into the other, you will still need to reimport the audio, as it is associated with the PPTA file and not the PPT itself. Although it was written for Presenter '09, this should give you some guidance on merging the PPTs themselves. And you should also check out this information on Reusing Audio from One Presentation in Another