Audio Tip Using Presentor

I was having a very difficult time putting audio into a video that I had created (deleting the sound at the time of filming).  The video was one for a safe driving course, and a number of scenes were put together to create the "process" of adjusting car windows properly.  Trying to run the video in one program so I could view it and using another to record audio was proving impossible.  Timing was not working at all.

I wanted to share how I solved the problem (on a very limited budget).  I created the video flash and in put it into a  PowerPoint slide.    I then used the audio function in Articulate to watch the video while I talked.  (It was still impossible to properly time the dialogue exactly, but...)

I then exported the course sound to wave files.  I took the single file from the slide with the video and put the audio into Audacity (free audio software). I cut the file into multiple pieces, and then put each piece into the correct place in the original  video using Windows Live Movie Maker.    Save that file and produce in Video encoder and I finally achieved somehting that was proving impossible otherwise.      Thanks to Articulate for another use...:&lt   I can now also use the video as a stand alone not just inside a course.

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