Audio Won't Play after Publishing

I've read a couple of articles on problems with audio not playing after publishing and the closest I found related to my issue is from 3 years ago..

I have 2 slides in my Presenter13 deck that contain 11 audio files, with audio icons, that are set up as definitions pages. The definitions are supposed to play when you click on the audio button. This works great in PPT!

However, when I publish it (to CD for review purposes) the audio icons disappear and my audio is completely unavailable.

I added the audio files individually, then I went back and created a playlist for each of the screens I have set up for these definitions.

Does anyone know if this issue has since been resolved since the last posting I saw about this from 3 years ago? If not, I'll be forced to pull these pages from my course.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Helen Tyson

Hi Cheryl

How did you import your audio? Are you using the audio features from the Articulate tab or PowerPoint's audio features? As you may, or may not, already be aware PowerPoint audio isn't supported in Articulate, see here -

To do what you describe in Presenter 13 what I'd do is either:

  • each icon hyperlinks to a new slide where the individual audio file plays before returning automatically to the selection slide to pick the next, or
  • use an engage interaction - try the labelled graphic with an image of your slide as the background and the audio linked to the marker icons

Hope this helps