Audio Yes .... Playback Not so Much

Here is my situation.  Let me say I have been using this for years and have already tried re installs and reboots.

I have all my audio imported into the presentation and edited just right.  Before Publishing I can preview the entire presentation and every slide along with its appropriate audio plays.

Now to PUBLISH.   At this step all seems OK until published viewing is my option.

First 4 or 5 slides play and no problems  hit slide 7 (or there about) and no audio. No audio for the rest of the presentation.

Can't understand it.   Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Here is a live (private) example

Everything seems to work until slide 11.  Check it out

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robert!

I'm able to see the behavior that you are reporting via the link you originally shared above, but when I publish your file I do not see the same behavior.

Does my file work for you?

By not being able to reproduce in SCORM Cloud, you may need to follow up with your LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robert,

A few other things to check - since Leslie was able to successfully publish and upload your course to SCORM Cloud where it worked normally - are you using the latest update of Presenter? You can download the Update 7 here, and go to you "Help" tab and click "About Articulate Presenter to see which update you're currently using.  Do you publish locally? What browser are you viewing the course in? Are you using the latest version of Flash? You can see the minimum system and viewing requirements here. 

Have you also tried publishing and uploading to SCORM Cloud? It's a free, industry standard for testing, so it may be worth checking how it behaves on your end. That would be a good way to help narrow down if it was the LMS, and then if so, I'd have you reach out to your LMS team for any additional questions to see if they have ideas on why it may not behave as expected.

Let us know how it goes after you check into those things!

Robert Colameta

Well  I got this resolved.  You folks helped by making me really analyze what happened, when it happened and why it happened.

After today's exchange I went to cpanel and traced out a ten day period where updates and/or installs took place.

Here is what I found.  My total security is provided by Bitdefender.  Have used it for a few seasons now and really like the protection, the warnings of possible breaches and virus scan services.  Having update the service (January -to- January my 2016 version was installed.  Within this new version are a couple of brand new items.

The culprit was hiding in Ransomware Protection.  Whenever Articulate went to publish this on board local drive protection protected all folders in C drive including Articulate.

It specifically blocked a lame.exe

Even though I attempted to allow the service to ALLOW this to pass through it would not.

What I had to do was ... open Ransomware Protection folder and force the documents folder to be removed from the Bitdefender Dashboard.

After that and a reboot the world of Articulate as I know it returned.  


Maybe this will help others that may find themselves in a similar dilemma.   Thank you Articulate Staff members for being here when needed.


Bob Colameta