AutoAdvance Slide-to-Slide

Nov 20, 2012

With a Presenter slide show, I am currently using Advance by User & restricted navigation for all slides.

I would like to create a 2nd version of the slide show that automatically advances from current slide to next slide and would love to specify a multi-second delay (perhaps 3 seconds) before automatically advancing to the next slide (i.e. wait 3 seconds before advancing to next slide instead of user click to advance).

Is this something that can be accomplished with Presenter ’09 ?

Thanks in advance.  

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Bill Finnerty


Not sure this will work for me since each of my slides use an imported wave file for the narration.

I suppose I could append a 3 seconds of silence to each of my narration wave file and re-import effectively making the audio for each slide 3 seconds longer (3 seconds of silence) before automatically transitioning to the next slide.

Converting my production presentation would be simple enough: (1) append 3 seconds of silence wave file to each existing wave file, re-import all audio, change navigation from user click to advance to next slide to automatic.

I’ll give it a try and let you know.

Thank you … Bill

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