Avoiding popup blockers?

I could use some advice. 

My course will incorporate launching a PDF of the completion certificate. It will only be accessible after learners have passed an assessment built by Quizmaker. Learners will need to add in text and print. 

I have tried several methods:

1. Link out to the PDF file which opens in a new browser window. This then triggers the popup blocker and the client has not been pleased with this. 

2. Hosted the PDF on a web server and use the Web Object to open the PDF within the course player. The outcome works, but this requires some internal complexities as the the PDF needs to be uploaded first to get the URL before I can add the web object to the course. Based on the different roles/resources in the company to get this done, this isn't optimal either. 

So is there a way to embed a PDF file within the course without triggering a popup or having to upload to a web server in advance?



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