Back Only-Only allowed to view slides you have already viewed

I'm updating a presensentation previously published by someone else.  The player templates are set up correctly with restrications placed on navigation.  The navigation in the existing version of this in our LMS functions correctly; however while reviewing the updated version before publishing it to our LMS when atttempting to advance to the next slide,  I'm receiving the message:  Back Only-You may only view slides that you have already viewed. 

Is there anything that I can do to correct this?


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Millie Marchetti

Justin, I have the same situation but we do not want a free navigation, we want a restricted that is set up to move automatically to the next slide and back only watch, it has always worked for us.

LOCKED: you cannot  go back or forward

RESTRICTED: you can only  go back to previous slides

FREE: you can go back and forward

Has this changed recently?

Heather Brame

Hi! We have a similar issue with a circle diagram as a Engage Interaction. At the end of the Engage interaction (on the summary page), the "Next Slide" button appears but we receive the same "Back only" message and cannot move forward to the next slide in the presentation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.