"Back Only" won't leave me alone.

Feb 24, 2011

I received my ART package from another developer and I'm having some trouble with two items when I publish.

1. the navigation continues publishing as "restricted", even after changing it to "free" in the player template

2. the custom text of the Attachments button and window caption does not carry over when changed in the player templates text label

I've gone through my checks and I'm still at a loss.  Can someone please point out the obvious point blank item I'm missing?....my assassin credentials are being heavily questioned.

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Patrick OGrady


Thanks, I should have included what I've already done.

1. saved the template as a different name and made sure it was selected when publishing

2. published to a different folder location (local)

3. cleared the cache, just in case i'm grabbing an old swf

Could it be the ART package? 

I have the other developer repackaging and resending just in case.

Justin Wilcox

Check out this article:


It tells you the local location of your player templates. I would pass that along to him to see if he is able to locate the template and then have him send you just the template. You place the template in your template location so that it is editable. Edit the template and see if you can make the changes.

If that's not working do this;

  1. Copy the zip file he sent to you to a new directory C:\Articulate
  2. Unzip the presentation and edit the player template.
  3. Publish the presentation to a new directory here C:\Articulate Publish
  4. See if that updates the template.

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