Background Changing when Published

I'm having an odd issue with one module in a course.

When published, the background changes to gray. But in preview, it's white. Other modules have the correct white background, so don't think it's the skin.

Any ideas on what's causing this or how to fix?

I tried Saving as  a new file, and shut down/restarted my computer.

I'm attaching some pix to  show whats happening.


Good version (Preview)

Bad Version (Published)

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Dwayne Schamp

Double check the skin in the Publish window. if it says "(in project)" you might want to click the ellipses button to open the Skin chooser, then Save As... at the bottom and save the skin locally as a new version. Go back to the Publish window and choose the newly saved skin.

I have found some problems when using the (in project) option with various courses. Not all the time, but it's enough to where the above technique has fixed it.

mandy king

Hi I just had this happen today and was looking here for a solution.  Several of my slides had developed a horrible black background when published - but not in the original PPT or preview versions. I tried the tips in the community but no success. What cured it for me was going into the slide master view and removing any master slides that were not being used [if you hover over each master it will say if it is in use in your project or not]. I republished but still no success. Then I went to the slide masters again and removed all the placeholders and text box markers etc from those masters that were is use and hey presto...published fine. Hope this helps.