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Steve Flowers

Hi, Claire - 

Here's the top to bottom rule of thumb on bandwidth requirements. Those at the top take up more digital space, therefore more bandwidth:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Still Images
  • Text

This is a rule of thumb since audio can be smaller than a still image.

To ensure your packages are as small as possible:

  • Minimize the use of video
  • Use short bits of audio (concise and to the point, only used when needed)
  • Use efficient graphics (not larger in proportions than they need to be)

Presenter and Storyline both offer multiple compression options for media. If you use audio in a course, be aware that some studies indicate audio quality can have an impact on attention and the effectiveness of your training. So don't bump down the quality so far that it produces noticeably distracting distortion. The trade-off for file size isn't worth it if you create a distraction.