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Tom Kuhlmann

There is not a minimum bandwidth requirement but instead a compromise dependent on video size and compression.

Under normal operating conditions, the Internet and bandwidth limitation, when viewing video is not always consistent. One user may see the content play seamlessly, while another might see something completely different. Video, by nature, requires a large amount of bandwidth and unfortunately not all end users share the same bandwidth or system specifications to handle video the same. This is much like a large volume of water trying to flow through a straw. If the hosting provider is limiting your bandwidth or more likely, the end user is on a limited bandwidth connection, there might be just enough lag, to give the presentation an out of sync appearance. So what can we do to make it better? How can you ensure your content reaches the masses, the way you intend? Reducing the video quality and or reducing the video dimensions are two factors that can drastically reduce bandwidth lag, but remember this will always be at a cost. Quality versus delivery to the masses. There are numerous tools and charts available for free on the Internet, to help gauge what size your video should be. 

Figuring Video Streaming Media Services Bandwidth:
Streaming video charts for calculating bandwidth used during webcasting.

Bandwidth Usage:
Bandwidth Usage

Streaming Video Production and Bandwidth Requirements:
Streaming Video Production For Intranets and The Internet

How to create a custom Articulate preloader to help with slower Internet connections:

Gerry Wasiluk

An adage we use here is a course is only as "fast as its slowest (network) link."  Remember any network is really a series of different networks, some faster and some slower than one another.

The thing to remember is that Presenter does not stream--it progressively downloads, staying two slides ahead of you--except for slides with quizzes, FLVs or MP4s or Engage interactions.  Slides with these load realtime.

Usually at those times it's when the network effects are sometimes felt, especially with larger videos.

We have streaming servers here for WMV (not what I would choose   ) but none yet for Flash video. So when Flash movies are delivered, they take as much of the "network pipe" as they can get.  If your organization is like ours, you have other things going on over the network than just training.  So we preach being a "good citizen on the network" and doing some of the things suggested here.

It'd be good if all content in Presenter preloaded out of the box office without the need for the custom preloader.  If you agree, consider filing a feature request to Articulate for their consideration.

Phil Corriveau

David Germain said:


The Custom Preloader is exactly the solution I need.

So I downloaded the compressed files, and looked thru them.

I"M LOST.  Being a novice at Flash, I need step-by-step instructions on what to do.


Hi David.  You should check out MVP/Super Hero Jame Kingsley's XML version of the Custom Preloader--which he designed for non-Flash users.

Hope that helps...