Basic Question - files old1, old2, old3 and so on...


Can anyone help me with determining which file to click on when creating a project?   Which file should I click on once I have saved a project and will be working back on it again?  Is it the PowerPoint file, the one with the Articulate letter A on it or the other files which have old1, old2 and so on attached to them?  I appreciate your help!



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Helena Froyton

Thank you Blair for your prompt reply.  Here is another basic question:

How can you tell whether or not a certain slide contains narration?  When I am on the record narration screen, after having clicked on record narration, does it mean that I have narration on a slide, if there are numbers next to where is says duration?  It shows on my screen as Duratjion 00:00:48.

I guess my question is, does this mean that I have narration on this particular screen?

Thanking you in advance,