Behaviour of Presenter-Attachments in Internet Explorer 8

Hope that anybody has an idea or solution for the following issue:

I created some eLearning-Stuff with Presenter, published it for Web and uploaded the content to Moodle. The content includes a pdf-File as attachment.

If I open the content in Firefox everything works like expected, but when I open the content in IE 8 and click on the attached file I get a "404 warning" that the page wasn't found.

Maybe the short screencast describes better what I mean:

Is this a knowning issue? Any ideas how to solve?



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Christian Schett

Hi Brian,

thanks for the link, I will test this out.

At the moment I only recognized that the pdf-File is located in the moodle-directory when I use Firefox, but IE searches the file in (and cannot find it).

Am I right that there is no way to change this link anywhere in my projects files?

At the moment I started to upload all my pdf-files in a directory outside of moodle and make a link-attachment instead of a file-attachment. A really stupid work  I'm doing here with all my projects.

Christian Schett

Hi Brian,

I tried with LMS and it works. But as a SCORM resource  I get a security warning in IE 8 when I click on the attachment link and I have to confirm it before I can download the attachment.

Meanwhile I changed all the attachments from "file" to "link" and placed them in a directory outside of moodle. This works without problems in all browsers.

I'm curious what will happen in IE 9

Sij X

Hi Brian,

I published my output from Storyline for "WEB". I added three triggers to download a zip, rar and an flv file. After uploading the published content to a website and then viewing it on IE 8, none of the three links appear to be working. No downloads, no pop blocked and no dialog notifications.

Please advise if there some way to fix this. Thank you!