Best method for lots of text and pictures?

Hi everyone.  I was asking questions about PowerPoint and Engage yesterday, about which might be best for syncing audio with text and pictures.  Well, I tried PowerPoint, and it works great for small things.  The only problem is that I have quite a few pictures and quite a bit of text.  That would be a lot of animations to assign (both entrance and exit) and a lot of work at ordering all of them correctly.  But I don't know if Engage would work any better since it doesn't look like it really works as a design application.  It doesn't seem like you have much placement over text and images.

So, any suggestions from anyone?  I usually create all my movies in Flash and then just use Articulate as a player.  But, sometimes that drags down the loading process when I view it on the internet.  That's due to it being an MP4.  I was hoping to have something that I wouldn't have to change into a Flash movie.  Just have it be on the slides and play from it like a lot of people do.  But I can't separate the text and images into separate slides to make it more manageable.  They have to stay on the same slide.  I hope I'm explaining myself well.  Any suggestions?

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kate p

Hey Tammy,

I'm not sure how many images/how much text you have, but have you looked at the Media Tour interaction in Engage?

Each image would have it's own corresponding text and audio, and you can choose animation options through the "Interaction Properties" menu.  Fade, appear, etc.  Make one choice and it'll apply to the entire image gallery.