Best way to add a video to presenter

Oct 02, 2012


We're planning 3-4 eLearnings that will have 4-5 short video clips in them.

What would be the best way to incorporate them into presenter?

1. Best format?

  • When saving will AP save them as .flv no matter which format they were originally in?
  • Will AP compress them? (so it doesn't matter which resolution they had to begin with) 

2. Loading

  • Does AP preloads the next slides, so a slide with a video will start preloading before it is palyed?
  • Would AP preload a video that  is embbeded from an another site? (we have an internal video service that we can embbed)
  • Can you give any tips regarding which option might be faster from the two previous ones?

Any other tips regarding video use, streaming etc. are most welcomed. 

Thank you!

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