Best way to handle multiple flash videos with audio and animation

Feb 07, 2012

I have a PPT that contains10 very short videoclips (3-5 seconds each) on one slide showing various processes. Essentially, a text box appears with the process name, then fades out (via animation), a short video clip is set to run after the text animation. This text box/video clip animation sequence happens 10 times. There is audio that accompanies the slide and animations are synched to the audio. Overall it is a fairly short slide and audio--about 50 secs.

I'm wondering what's the best approach to present this info in articulate. I know you can only have one flash video per slide. Should I seperate into ten separate slides? Just debating if it's worth using Engage's multimedia tour because intent of original slide and audio is simply a very brief overview. Would like to do something similiar to original if possible.

Any thoughts?



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Phil Corriveau

Hi Melissa.  In my opinion, I would break it up into one slide per video.  I thinkthis approach will be easier to manage the videos, as well as maintain the course.  As long as you're consistent in look and layout for the slides, the multiple slide approach should be transparent to the user.