Billing my client based on how many employees take my courses

Dear Community,

I’m a stand-up trainer and will be using authoring software for the first time, so any advice you give this babe in the woods will be greatly appreciated. 

My question:  How can I best use Articulate’s capabilities to track, and then bill my client based on the number of their employees who take my courses?

More specifically, here’s the situation:

·         Client has a Division that is broken into 9 operating units with employees ranging from 50 to 150

·         Each operating unit wants to license my course

·         They want to pay based on the number of employees who actually take the course in their unit.  I would like define a billable event as anyone who signs up for the course and starts taking it even if they don’t finish it

Specifically, here’s what I’d want to do:

·         Charge the client a flat fee for each course; e.g., $xxx,xxx per year for having the course available regardless of how many students sign up

·         Then, at the end of each month I would access a report produced by Articulate that listed the names (e.g., e-mail addresses) of those who actually signed up in each of the 9 operating units

Will Articulate let me do this easily, in a clean, documentable way without a lot of hassles?  Bigger question:  Are there better pricing approaches I should be considering? 

Many thanks,

Doug DeCarlo

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Doug and welcome to Heroes! You can certainly do that using the Articulate Online API:

The API is available with the premium plan:

Based on the number of potential users, you would probably want to start with that plan. There are a variety of different ways you can handle what you are looking to do automatically using the API. Take a look at that article and see if that helps you out. You can also do things manually as you can run reports to determine who has viewed your content.