Bizarre graphical issue...

Shapes with text in my current slideshow are frequently not displaying correctly. See image:

I have determined that this seems to only happen when I have two powerpoint 'shapes' with text that are using Word Art settings on the same slide at the same vertical height within the slide composition.

I prefer to keep using the Word Art settings for the text and am writing with the hopes that there is some hidden gotcha I am missing. I do not want to have to remove all of the Word Art settings, nor do I want to save these objects as images and then re-import them to tip-toe around this problem.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Jeff ("JP") Redman

Don't know the structure of this page in PowerPoint, so I'm unsure whether or not what I'm about to write will apply in your situation, but from time to time I've had VERY similar display problems. My problems always appear in a published presentation. They never occur when I run a project as PowerPoint. If that is what's happen to you, this info may apply. 

My problems are always related to what I call "in-line text formating."
That is - a change to font formating that I've inserted into the line of text using the formating stuff in the FONT section of the HOME ribbon. Sometimes it has been a change of color. Other times it has been inserting "bullet point" formating (rare). Underlining a word. Stuff like that.

My work around has been to make a space (by entering spaces) in the line of text, putting the text I want to format differently into its own text box, and then aligning and adjusting things until it all looks like a single text element.

In every case doing this has made my problem disappear.

Shawn Cantu

I've isolated it to the use of text outlining. What's interesting is that the text outlining works fine in several areas (the slide title, subtitle and the 'headings' for each half of the content) in the example above. I think I can move forward with my project now, and adapt around this weird nuance in behavior.

If someone can tell me how to prevent this or if there's a list of gotchas like this I should familiarize myself with, please advise.


Jeff ("JP") Redman

In my experience too, the problem occurs idiosyncratically. Sometimes I format the text in-line and everything works perfectly. Next time it acts up. I've just assumed it was a little bug in the publishing routine, that Articulate would correct someday.

As far as I know, there is no list of these little oddities.

My only other major one is the one where as you're working fast, rushing toward the deadline, you save the presentation and all the audio disappears. Always frightening that one. My solution is simple. DO NOT RUSH the file save action. When you save the project wait another 4 or 5 seconds after the hourglass disappears before you do anything else to the project.

If you want to see this in action, keep the folder to which you're saving the project open on the desktop and you will see that when you save, the PPT file gets saved first and then, a few seconds later (well after the hourglass has disappeared from the screen), the PPA files gets written.  Doing anything to your project between these to file "writes" is what, in my experience, causes the audio to disappear.

Shawn Cantu

Thanks for the tip Jeff. I'll keep that in mind. In conjunction with your point, I find that if I switch fonts mid-sentence, they will often be vertically mis-aligned in the published product.

I've found that I can compensate for this by changing the 'nested' font to a subscript and then increasing the font size and toying with the subscript offset. This often comes up if when I'm referring to command line operations in the middle of a sentence and I prefer to use a fixed-width font to clarify the instructions. Just a tip to pay you back for your tip.