Blank page with 100 out of 160 displaying. Help!

I tried following the instructions in the previous post on this topic, but I could not resolve the issue. When I upload my presentation to my ftp site and try to view it in any browser, I get a blank page.

I downloaded the Flash 10 updater tool, but when I try to run that, I get an error message saying "unable to find a version of the runtime"

I uninstalled .NET framework 4.0, and am currently running 3.5 SP1. That didnt help. I uninstalled the updater, reinstalled the updater, restarted, everything... nothing is working.

I checked and I have no updates for Presenter '09 which I'm running. V6.3.1103.112 PRO

How can I resolve this issue, it is very frustrating as I have a deadline to reach, and cannot publish my presentation on the website. any help is appreciated.

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