Blanks slides and unable to preview in Studio 09

May 13, 2014

Hello, We are using Articulate Studio 09 with a pool of developers across many different offices. Articulate is installed on each user machine; however, the powerpoint files and interactions  for ease are stored on network drives (as not always the same developer will be working on the piece of work).

We also have different versions of Powerpoint being used by the developers, some are using Powerpoint 2010 and some are using Powerpoint 2002.

Recently some of the developers have been experiencing issues. When they insert an interaction into Powerpoint the interaction thumbnail is displaying as blank (as per image below) – this happens if insert interaction via Powerpoint or via Engage (by publishing into presentation)

This can not be previewed. If try to preview the slide it appears blank.

We are aware of system restraints and that Articulate does behave differently when ran from shared drives but up until recently slides did not appear blank and they could be successfully previewed.

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