Blurred text when animated

Text appears blurred when amination (such as appear or fade) is used to reveal a line of text.

I can see this was a reported problem in November for Storyline and it is an issue we are now facing with the current version of Studio 360 (v8.20.16882) when we are republishing files as part of an annual training update process.

Is this a know issue with Studio 360 (maybe a shared component with Storyline) and is there a known (likely) bug fix for this.  We have 30 hours of learning we are due to update this month.  Should we roll back the version of 360 and use a previous version?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeffrey!

I put together a quick sample file in the latest update of Presenter 360. The first slide has text with animation, and the second slide has text with no animation. The text on both slides appears crisp and clear from what I can see. How does it look when you view this link on your side?

Could you also share a link to your file so I can get a better idea of what you're seeing?