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Christine Hendrickson

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Is the font an OTF (OpenType) font? If so, it may not work properly with Presenter '09. If the font is an OTF, if will have an ".otf".

OpenType fonts with an OTF file extension are not supported in Engage '09.  If you would like to suggest future support for OTF fonts in Engage, please submit a feature request.

You could try to use a different, but similar font, if you're attempting to keep a certain look to the presentation.

Here's some more information that may help:

If a font in your presentation does not appear as expected, please see the following blog entries: 


If you are stylizing your font in PowerPoint and the change is not reflected in the published output it is likely you are using a font that can not be stylized. For example, if you bold a font called CB Helvetica and it shows as not bold in the published output then it is likely there is a font on your machine called CB Helvetica Bold. If this is the case then you should use the bold version of the font. Fonts that can not be stylized will always have at least four versions of the font: 

Bold Italic 

If your PowerPoint contains western and non-western text you may notice that the text does not display as expected. You can workaround this issue by formatting each space between words with a slightly different format. You could quite simply select the space and change the color. You won't see the change since space has no color. This however will ensure that the font information is returned correctly for each of the words and the output will be correct.

While the styling information above may not be exact, it may help with the spacing issue you're experiencing.

If you've checked the information above and you're still experiencing issues with the font, please let me know.