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May 02, 2011

Good morning,

I am having some trouble with “resume” or bookmarking functionality.  My module is 2 hours and 140 slides.   The resume works fine in the beginning, however, when I jump in and out of the course later in the module, it always takes me back to a particular slide that is not where I left off.

This is a compliance training so I need to make sure this is working correctly before I send it out to our 500 managers.

Can anyone help?

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Derek Rohde

Thanks Brian--

Let me ask another question:  The module stops bookmarking at the quizmaker slides which are dispersed throughout the presenation.  So for instance, i got rid of one of the quiz slides and the resume function works fine---25 slides later, it stops working at the next quiz slide, and resumes back to the quiz?

Resume appears to operate fine without the quiz slides---any ideas?  Or is the above still the solution?


Oliver Stankovsky

Hello Derek,

My team is experiencing the same issue with two very large lessons that will be going live next week. The SCORM 2004 3rd Edition suggestion that Brian mentioned sounds like it might be a good solution but our LMS is currently using SCORM 1.2. Did you try the SCORM 2004 3rd Edition or find any other solution that worked for you? We are struggling with this and are going to have a conference at noon tomorrow to discuss our immediate options. Any ideas?

Also, I'll be happy to share the options we discuss and the direction we take in the event they may help you in the future.



Derek Rohde

Hello Oli,

We ended up using SCROM 2004 and it worked for us.  We are currenlty using for our LMS.  Our company ismoving to PeopleSoft ELM later in the year and I am not sure they are current with SCORM 2004.   The only other option I am aware of would be to have the learner complete the entire course in one sitting whcih would not require any bookmarking.

Wish i could be more help. 

What LMS are you using?


Oliver Stankovsky

Hi Derek,

I wanted to get back to you earlier but things got a little crazy around here. We are using SumTotal (SCORM 1.2) run by Intrepid for our HR department.

We ended up working around the clock taking two large lessons and breaking them down to into a total of six smaller lessons. There was a lot of testing involved and we still ran into some bookmarking issues.

Thank you for response it was helpful.


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