May 25, 2012

I'm trying to teach myself how to use Studio '09 presenter and engage and need some help!

Im wanting to create a course with an interactice organisational structure, that will allow the user to click on multiple business areas within the image, and then be able to do multiple click throughs from each business area. 

I know you can set up branching properties for specific slides, but is there a way you can set up multiple branching from within the SAME slide. 

 I.e. on slide 1, click on image 1 to go to slide X and then Z,

but also on slide 1, click on image 2 to go to slide Y then Z

Does that make sense?

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Jeanette Brooks
kelly Ellis

i am trying to recreate this presentation for a course that i am builind in articulate and i need help with the branching aspect of it.

please send me instructions to make this work. i included the power point

I have added the links to each image in power point but how do I get this to perform as an interaction
Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kelly,

Can you say a little more about what you would like your learners to be able to do when they view your interaction? I see the hyperlinks in the file you attached, but unless I'm misinterpreting your intent, some of them don't seem to point to the correct slide, For example, you have a hyperlink on the "access" box on slide 2, and it takes the learner to slide 10 (whereas it seems like it should take them to slide 6).  Another example: the "Homeland Security" item on slide 2 takes people to slide 8, which is called "Protect PII." Maybe just checking and editing your hyperlinks will help you clear up the trouble?

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