Branching and messaging

Hi there.

I would like to build a branched course  but I don't want the user to be able to run any branch freely. I want them to go throught the first branch first, and so on. When someone clicks the second branch before completing the first, I want them to get a warning that the first branch must be concluded before advancing to the second one.

I watched the e-Mersion DIabesity showcase where they have applied branching, but the user may freely choose to move to the second or third part without first viewing the first part, which is something I don't want.

Any clues? 

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Simon Perkins

Hi Dimitris

Sounds like you're trying to 'linear-ise' the course, i.e. show various branches yet allow the learner to only take them in order.  If you really want to go down this path then you could simply show the branching options yet only enable the one(s) available at that time.  

I did this with a course recently;

  • Main menu showed all 6 chapters
  • Learner could only click on chapter 1 (the others had their links removed)
  • Once the learner completed chapter 1, they jumped straight into chapter 2 ... but if the learner clicked MENU while anywhere in chapter 2, they would be shown a duplicate of the main menu whereupon they could access all chapters.

All you need do is create a duplicate of the branching slide at each interval and chose which paths to keep enabled.  


EDIT: you'll probably need to disable (or hide) various side menu options too, just so the learner is locked in to your preferred path(s).