Branching based on response to question

I'm new to Articulate and trying to create a course in which on about slide 3, the student will respond to a question about their experience.   Based on the response, the student will either complete the entire course ie. slides 1 - 50, or complete just a section of the course, ie. slides 4 - 15, or sldes 16 - 35, or slides 36 - 50.

I have tried branching using Quizmaker, but it appears that I can only end the quiz and resume the presentation in one place, rather than branch to different slides in the course.

Would it be best if I broke this course into 3 separate courses, and the student would either do all 3 courses, or a specific course, determined by some action at the beginning?    If so, how can I find a tutorial on how to do this.

Thank you.

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Dwayne Schamp

In the example, each graphic contains a Hyperlink that jumps to a place in the document.

So on your screen, you would have two graphics or text blocks, first, set up the hyperlinks by right clicking each one, then choose Hyperlink. From there select "place in this document" which will show you thumbnails of the slides. select the slide you want to course to jump to.

If you want to force them to pick one, you can lock the branching on the slide using the Slide Properties item in the Articulate ribbon.

Just make sure to add in instructions for the user so they don't keep clicking the next arrow.

In the Slide Properties window, you can set the Next/Previous destinations for when the user clicks the next/previous buttons. So if you want the course to always go to say slide 30 from 14, and then back, that is where you would do that.

You can then set up differing sections in the same course for different levels of experience like you mention.

Basic - slides 4-15 then jump to 30.

Inter - slides 16-20      "

Adv - slides 20-28        "

Slide 30 would be the final course screen.

If you want, i could set up a quick demo and send to you, let me know.