Branching challenge - going directly to assessment


I am building a course with an assessment.  The course consists of two slides with web objects that take the learner to the FEMA website to interact with their content.  Once complete, they must complete the assessment - which is a quiz made in quizmaker.

Currently the order of slides is:



Link to FEMA

Link to FEMA


What I would like to do is allow the learner the option of attempting the assessment first, therefore bypassing the two slides with the web objects.  Then if they fail, they can go back and review the FEMA information.  But if they pass, they are complete.

I tried creating a slide with hyperlinks, if they click one box they just go to the next slide - the FEMA web objects.  If they click the other, they are taken directly to the beginning of the assessment.  Except, I cannot get the link to go to the assessment.  It seems to just go to the web object on the next slide, like it cannot skip past the web object.

I tried creating this as a question slide in quizmaker and branching from there, but while I can add blank slides you can't add web objects - unless I am missing something.

Anyone have suggestions on how to do this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karyn! Using a hyperlink to jump to the Assessment should work just fine. Are you testing that hyperlink in Preview mode? If so, that might be why the link isn't working as expected. Testing hyperlinks in Preview isn't supported... you'll want to publish the course and then place the output in the location where you plan to deploy it (for example, if you publish for Web, upload it to a web server and test from there).