Branching in the published course

I have the problem with play order of slide during branching. Please check the example here:

We have 7 slides. After slide 2 it goes to slide 7 instead of 3. And even clicking on slides 3-6, we always go to slide 7, skipping the previous slides.

Could you please help me to solve this problem?

I will be obliged to you for the quick response!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ekaterina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I'm not seeing the same behavior when I publish your course.

You can see my results here (the quizzes were not uploaded though, so just placeholders):

Be sure that you are publishing and sharing as shown here.

Ekaterina Lobanova

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for quick turnround!

We checked all settings. We also tried to publish the presentation from another comp...but it still doesn't help.

It seems like something inside the settings is wrong. It always goest to the last slide.

Probably, you can give any tip?


Ekaterina Lobanova

Hi Leslie,

after long correspondence, we solved the issue by changing the corrupted slides: we found slides after which it was the play disorder and created them from nothing. It helped! probably it will help to other.

One last question: do you have Owner's Manual  or Instruction  for Articulate Studio Pro 13?

If yes, please let me know how I can get it!

Thanks a lot for your support!