Branching - Simple?

Hi, all.  Please forgive me, my Articulate ('13) is rusty...

I am creating a new project to teach people how to use our Case Management system. 

I get to a point where I have two different types of Users:  Case-Based and Non-Case-Based.  There is a lot of information that they both share, but at a certain point there is a fork in the road in how they perform their jobs.

I was certain that branching was the answer:  Create a PP slide with two links - one to Case-Based, one to Non-Case-Based...only I am not getting it...and I have read a bunch of posts on the the tutorial...bought the t-shirt...

It seems that the only thing you can do is assign the Next and Previous buttons to jump to a particular slide/interaction.

It was my intent to have them branch off to their particular process and come back to a common point.

I am just about at the point of creating two different projects, and then I thought I could reach out to the community.


Thanks in advance!

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Steven Niven

Thanks, Leslie.  I had come across a different article...the one you sent accomplishes what I am after.  I built most of what I needed yesterday but I will say that the Slide Master thing  was fairly new to me and I actually found it a little clunky for my use.  Perhaps if I were doing this on a more regular/consistent basis I would find it more helpful.

It also doesn't' help that I am on a network and have to keep jumping through hoops to work on and access a local profile.

Working with an existing project and creating Master Slides was like having my shoes tied together and I ended up creating another project and coping slides from the existing...probably just my lack of experience here, but, again, thank you for the help with the branching concept!