Broken web link in published file

Hi there!

So here is my problem. We created a project, published it to a local drive, and follwed the zipping instructions to upload/unzip the file to our server for students to access. When the file is published to the local drive, the web link works fine, but when I put it on our server, the link no longer works. A cursor displays indicating that it is clickable, but when clicked it seems to just refresh the current slide. Do you know why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Aileen Lynch

Thanks, Brian!

This is a bit of a different scenario. We have faculty members working within the tool (saving locally), and we (the ID team) then go to their computer, zip the files, upload them to a server, and then unzip the files. It works locally, but not in the actual environment that will be used by students.

I turned off the popup blocker, but no luck. I tried copying and pasting onto the screen, using insert hyperlink, and using a web object to open an external webpage, but that did not work either. Could it be that I have to save it as a ppt as opposed to a pptx? Then publish the file?

Thanks again!