Building First Course - A Couple of Questions

Hi all

Am building my first 'proper' course in Articulate, which I am finding very easy to use, but I have a couple of questions. Hope you don't mind me posting them here, as it might save me a bit of time trying to work out something that isn't possible.

Slide Timings

I have set up a little intro the course, that plays over 4 slides, and uses appear and disappear animations. Each slide is timed to move on after 10 seconds. This works fine in PowerPoint, but when I preview in Articulate the slide doesn't move on - I have to press the forward arrow to do this. My understanding was that Articulate would honour the animation timings when published. Is there a way to move these on automatically? I have set the 'Slides without audio or animation display for' to 999 seconds, as I have quite a few slides where there is some text people have to read and I don't want it moving on before the learner is ready.

Slide Only Template 

I am hoping to publishing this course as with a 'slide only' template. I have built a menu with hyper links to various other slides, depending on which section the learner wants to focus on. However, I am going to include some Engage and Quizmaker interactions. Is there any way to include a link back from these to the main menu slide? I have had a quick look and can't see a way to do this. I'm not necessarily looking to have a "main menu" button included, but when they finish the quiz or the interaction, can they be directed back to the main menu slide, rather than the next slide in the presentation sequence?

Thanks in advance for any help! 

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, James:

If you click on "slide properties" in your ribbon up top, you'll see on the far right options for slide advance. If you select "automatically," the slide will automatically advance. If you choose "by user," the user will need to push the play button. Don't keep slide properties open more than a few minutes -- if you do, your system may freeze up. Big time sucker, I learned the hard way.

Not totally sure about second question, but when you create and add an interaction to your course, it will show up in the course menu and viewers can click on it, if they want to go back to it. --Daniel

James McLuckie

Hi Daniel and Justin. Thanks so much for your help - much appreciated. I will try those out. 

Justin - I have built a menu with hyperlinks, as I am trying to avoid using the navigation buttons on the player. Do you know if there is a way of someone being taken directly from a Quizmaker quiz or Engage interaction to a Presenter slide? So, for example, if someone finishes a quiz, how can they go to a branched slide without using the 'next' button? Is this possible, do you know? Thank you!

James McLuckie

Daniel - Thanks again for your help. I have made sure that the relevant slides are set to "automatically" in the slide properties. However, this is still not working as expected. 

On each of these slides, there are animations run that about 16 seconds, which is confirmed when I preview the slide. In PowerPoint I have set the 'Advance Slide' property to automatically after 18 seconds. However, when I preview the slide, it has a run time of 25 seconds. Essentially, after the last animation, there is about 9 seconds of 'dead air' before it moves onto the next slide. 

I have no idea where this 25 seconds is being set, and why it is being set like that? The only thing I can think of it is that some of the animations run simultaneously, so Articulate taking the TOTAL amount of seconds and using this as the default run time.

Any ideas anyone how to get around this? I am just looking to have a nice seamless intro section that plays automatically before leading learners into a main menu. (Many thanks.)

Justin Wilcox

Hi James.

You can branch your quiz to a specific slide in the Quiz Properties section here.

Regarding the timing, it's possible you had audio on that slide that was 25 seconds at some point. Try copying the contents of the slide you are having an issue with to a new slide and republish and see if the timing is correct on that slide.