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Ashlee Smith

~ Hello Community & Allison ~ 

This topic reminded me of a language course (Spanish as a second language) I saw a few months ago that was created using Studio, and in particular there was one activity that used an Engage Tabs interaction which I thought was interesting. It was an informal testing activity. 

On the front page of the tabs interaction there was a simple question asked in Spanish. Each tab had a different Spanish word or reply that you could choose from to answer the question. When you would click on that tab, it would explain why (or why not) that was the correct Spanish reply. You could click through all the tabs to explore all the potential answers if you wanted to. It was a unique way of using Engage to create language training,. 

~ Hope this is helpful ~ 

~ DD

Allison LaMotte

Hi Danika,

Thanks for sharing, that sounds like a very interesting way to use Engage for language learning.

One of the features that I find really useful for language learning is the characters. Whether you create an Engage conversation interaction, or you insert the characters directly into Presenter, you can easily create a dialogue, and then follow it up with a question to check the learner's comprehension of the conversation.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Naz!

Can you provide a little more context here? For example: How old are your students? What is their current level of English? 

Without that information, the best I can suggest would be to check out the E-learning Examples page for some inspiration, and the downloads page for some easy to implement templates!

Hope that helps!