Camtasia 8 & Articulate Studio 9 - Screen sizes

First of all, THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I am a newbie and struggling ....  I am using Camtasia 8 to record a presentation showing my Outlook Email screen (need full width and at least top half of email screen.)  

When I insert the MP4 into Articulate and preview it the text is so tiny I can't read it. I have taken off the side navigation/logos & changed both Articulate template options to optimal size.

Can anyone please tell me what Camtasia recording  &editing sizes to use & then what changes  I should make in Articulate to produce a good looking large screen capture? I have played with lots of options. They look great in screencast but not in Articulate. :-(

Appreciate any insight on recording dimensions, editing dimensions, and overall help!!!!!

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Trudy  B

Thanks, but I do not own Storyline. My video size that I am trying to accomplish is 1024 X 768. Those are my screen dimensions. The video looks fine in Screencast but not in Articulate. Just wondering if anyone else is successful in doing full screen Camtasia recordings and using Articulate to publish. Thanks

Peter Anderson
Trudy  B

Thanks guys, I was able to use the full size video by making a small change in Articulate. After importing the MP4 there are three options on how to display it. I had been using the default and didn't pay attention to the other options...

After I changed from "displaying in slide" to "displaying in new browser window" all was good.... didn't have to re-record!

But in the future I will use the recorording recommendations of either 720 x 540 for the standard Articulate view or 980 x 580 when not using a side bar.... (just in case others are looking for the maximum sizes).