Camtasia 8 MP4 into to Articulate (or open in browser)

The only option in Camtasia now is to produce in MP4 format. When I try to insert the MP4 into Articulate the attempt is rejected. When I try to convert the MP4 in Encoder to a different format, the same happens. I can't view the MP4 in my browser either. Maybe this is more a question for the Camtasia folk, but does anyone have an answer regarding how to to get a Camtasia output into Articulate?

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Blake Griffin

Here are some steps to try.  It is a bit oversimpliefied but it should work.  

Step One

Click Produce and Share

Step Two

Select "Custom Production Settings" from the drop down menu in the Production Wizard.

Step Three

Select the MP4 - Flash/HTML 5 player radio button and click next.

Step Four

In the controller options, deselect "Produce with controller"

Step Five

Set the Size, Video, and Audio settings

Step Six

Publish the file. 

This should work.