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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cynthia,

I haven't personally used Adobe Connect, but I was able to find some resources that may help:

Hosting #Articulate Studio Content in Adobe Connect

Showing Articulate in Adobe Connect

How to Track Articulate Content in Adobe Connect

Hopefully that helps. If not, maybe we can get some feedback from other community members that have used Adobe Connect to host their projects.


Carriann Lane

If anyone finds this thread in 2020, as of May 2020 you can only use content published from Adobe Presenter or Captivate as e-learning (asynchronous) inside a course (synchronous) in VC. You can *show* it, from the web, in a share pod, but learners can't *use* it. 

Connect VC is not agnostic in what it can support. Adobe and a gold partner confirmed that to me yesterday. It says you can upload any "zip" file, but it won't take ours. Even if we change the Index file name. Very disappointing, as I must use it. 

I love Articulate authoring tools. Now I am stuck with what Presenter can do. Until Articulate or some partner creates a live Virtual Classroom we can share courses in, that is! Please do, Articulate. We'd pay a lot for it.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carriann,

I don't know much about Adobe Connect - but since you're using Articulate 360 you're not limited to just Presenter! I'd suggest checking out Storyline 360 and Rise 360 for ways to create more interactive content and then look at hosting that in your web or LMS environment. 

I always find this article on Why You Need The Tools in Articulate 360 and When to use Them helpful. Let me know if that helps you too!