Can clients without Articulate 360 safely edit PowerPoints in Presenter 360 presentations?

I am working with clients who do not have Articulate 360 installed on their computers. They would like to make some edits to the PowerPoints in existing Presenter presentations.

If I provide them with Articulate Packages, and they open them and edit the PowerPoints, then re-zip the packages on their local computers, will that negatively affect the Presenter presentations?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy, 

As long as they are only making changes to the Powerpoint file, and not moving it's location to the Presenter files (.ppta) they should be fine. Keep in mind, that they'd only be able to make changes to Powerpoint items - not anything controlled by the Presenter ribbon (such as Audio, quizzes, etc.).

My guess is they're looking to edit the text, so perhaps a safer method would be to share with them the Export Translation file. They can make changes to that version and you could import it back into Presenter! 

Hope that helps! 

Tracy Carroll

Hi Ashley,

Actually, they would be making extensive changes to images & text on some PowerPoint slides, and inserting new PowerPoint slides into the presentations. (No Engage, Quizmaker, or audio changes.)

The main thing I'm worried about is losing the audio already imported into Presenter.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

The audio elements are saved within the PPTA file if you inserted them from the Presenter tab. Your colleagues won't be able to change that audio and shouldn't try to insert audio from inside Powerpoint. 

Out of all the things you listed the only one that gives me pause is inserting new slides into the Powerpoint - based on what you've set up for audio playlists, the player menu, etc. and not knowing how those items would be impacting. It's worth trying on a course, and just make sure you have a back up of the Powerpoint and PPTA file.  I'd also recommend following these steps for working in a collaborative environment.