Can I disable the Next button

Dec 28, 2010

Is there a way for me to disable the Next or Forward button on an Articulate slide? I have a swf that I'm displaying on a slide and I want the button disabled until the swf finishes. Similar to the way QuizMaker works.

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Bob Lander

Hi Babette,

If your slide properties are set to Auto Advance when the slide finishes playing, then one possibility is to use the "lock" option under slide properties. That keeps the user from being able to click out of the slide. When the slide's done it'll just advance by itself. here's more info:

Or another approach would be to display that particular slides in "slide only" view, meaning that the only thing on the screen would be the slide itself, not the fwd/back/etc. controls. That way your slide would display a little bigger too. You can set a slide's view to slide-only view in the Slide Properties screen. If you do this though, you'd probably also want to turn off the view toggle button in the lower-right corner of your player, so that users couldn't change back to standard view, and also turn off keyboard shortcuts.. You do that in Articulate > Player Templates > Player Controls.

A third possibility would be, you could turn off navigation controls altogether and just rely on hyperlinks to go from one slide to another. You could make your own hyperlinked navigation buttons and have them animate onto the screen whenever you want (i.e., if you make a forward button, you could wait to have it appear until a certain point after your swf is done playing).

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