Can I have duplicate Engage interactions and Quiz in one project?

I have a project with branching - each branch has the same Engage interaction and Quiz in it. 

It seemed to be working fine (I thought), but now the Engage interactions and Quizzes are disappearing when I publish.  A blank slide opens during playback, and I can't click forward or back - I get the message "You must complete the quiz in order to continue"

Of course this problem crops up just as I'm at the very final publishing stage - aaaarrrggggh.

Any ideas on why this is?  Is it not allowed to have the same quiz/Engage in multiple places in the same project?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anne!

Yes, you can have more than one interaction in your presentation, but they need to be saved as individual interactions. If you try to insert the same interaction in more than one area of the presentation, you'll run into the issue you're seeing with blank slides.

Here's how to do this with Engage.

Now, for the quizzes are you trying to do the same thing? I assume you're wanting to insert the same quiz from Quizmaker more than once. Is that correct? It's pretty much the same process as Engage, but here's the instructions for Quizmaker.

Hopefully this will help with finishing your project

Let me know if you have any questions!


Anne Goldenberger

I'm having problems making this work.  My project has 4 total branches.  These 4 branches each have the same Engage and the same Quizmaker quiz in them. 

I did Save As as suggested above and saved four copies of each Engage and each Quiz.  However when starting to insert the 3rd set., I get a message " This  interaction already exists in the presentation.   Do you want to update it?"  If I click Yes, the Engage does not insert where I want it.  If I click No, pretty much the same thing - nothing happens.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anne,

On the interaction that results in the error, are you trying to insert more than one on a slide? You might want to try saving it as a new file in a different location (on your desktop for example). 

If that doesn't work, can you post the .INTR file here? I'll see if I can recreate the error or help walk you through the process.