Can I just get a free trial of Engage?

Hey.  Sorry for all the questions today.  Is there a way I could get a trial version of just Engage?  I have the full versions of Quizmaker and Presenter, but I wanted to try Engage for a little bit to see if I should get it or not.  But when I went to get the free trial, it shows I have to try the entire Studio 9 package.  I don't want to do that b/c I don't want the trial to overwrite my full versions of Presenter and Quizmaker.  Any way I can just download Engage as a trial?

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Brian Batt

Hi Tammy,

Articulate Studio '09 is distributed as a single installation package.  However, you have the option to select which programs to install.  The easiest way to install Engage is to go to your Control Panel, select Articulate Studio '09, click Uninstall/Change, choose Add / Remove Studio '09 Programs when the install wizard pops up, checkmark Engage '09, and click Next to install it.