Can I make my inserted video start AFTER my narration?

Dec 22, 2010

Hi Articulate users & superheroes. I'm working on a course where I have some narration and a video. I want the narration to play first, and then toward the end the narration says something like "Now let's look at how to perform that process." Then the audio ends and I want my FLV to play (all on the same slide).

So here's what I've done. I've inserted the FLV and used the "Go to the next slide once the video is complete" option. I've also told the FLV file to start towards the end of the audio narration, and synchronized the movie to play independently of the slide. The problem is, the slide progresses as soon as the audio clip is done - which means the video never gets a chance to play. 

I have tried all kinds of tweaks to make this work, but can't seem to figure it out. Please, if anyone has a fix or another thing I can try, I would love to hear some ideas.

Thanks so much in advance!! :) :)

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Bob Lander

Hi there! I think the option to choose when a movie should begin (i.e., the option to delay the beginning of the movie by a certain number of seconds) is only available when the video is *not* playing in sync with the slide. (?)  If the movie's playing independently of the slide, like yours is, I don't think Presenter can know know when the movie finishes... so it can't postpone the slide advance till the end of the video unless you give it some more instructions.

One idea is to add some silence after the audio file which would correspond to the length of the video. You can do that via the Audio Editor.

I asked one of my co-workers about your question because I thought I remembered him having an issue sort of like yours. He said that an easy fix might be to play the video in a new slide right after the audio slide. You could make the slides look exactly the same so that the user thinks they are on the same slide. If you played the video on a new slide, then you could play it in sync with the slide, which would allow the user to stop and start the video with the player controls. And this also allows Presenter to know when the video is finished, so that it can auto-advance when the movie's done.  Hope that helps!

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