Can LMS Pull Interaction Data from Articulate Presenter?

May 16, 2014


How can I get my LMS to pull "interaction" data (not just "completion" data) from the SCORM package Articulate Presenter produces when I publish the file?

Right now, my LMS (CrowdWisdom by Digital Ignite) can only pull "completion" data (ie: "pass", "fail", "complete", "incomplete", etc.). I want the LMS to drill down to the granular question level data (ie: "on question #4, 74% chose A, 16% chose B", etc.)

Is this even possible? Does the Articulate SCORM package even provide this data for my LMS, or any LMS, to use? Incidentally, my LMS has a proprietary quiz authoring tool that does allow me to report interaction data. When I ask them why they can't pull the same information from the Articulate SCORM package, they get all vague. They say it can't be done. Maybe they're reluctant to pull it from Articulate because they want to push their own native tool . . . or perhaps they just don't want to do any extra work.

I just want to know which of the following is the truth:

  • The Articulate SCORM package DOES NOT include interaction data (only completion data), so no LMS will ever be able to pull the data because it's just not there
  • The Articulate SCORM package DOES include interaction data, which any good LMS should be able to pull

Also, does this have anything to do with the Tin Can API? Is my LMS not able to pull interaction data because it hasn't adopted the Tin Can spec yet?


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