Can operating system affect Articulate publishing results

Jan 31, 2014

Has any one run into a situation where the OS you are using affects the results when you publish an Articulate course.  We are both using Articulate 09 and PowerPoint 2010

I have run into a situation where one person publishing in XP gets a different result than I get when I publish in Windows 7.

The original slide in PowerPoint looks like this.

In the pictures when a slide is previewed or published in XP the text box does not cover  the red graphic at the top of the page.  The publishing results were the same when the ppt file was published as a pptx file.


When I publish of preview this same slide on my computer which is running Windows 7  the red line at the top seems to move down and part of it is covered by the text box.  This happens if the ppt is 97-2003 version or is pptx.

Has any one ever had an experience where the computers OS seems to affect how Articulate publishes a course or even how a slide looks in preview.   If so does any one have any suggestions regarding a solution to this problem?


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